Horn Bros. Brewing

In 1829 our ancestor Lionel Samson came from London to the Perth shores on the first fleet of free settlers in a boat called the ‘Calista’ to create a new life in the Swan River Colony.  His business started by supplying rum to the disembarking passengers on the cold and lonely shores.  His legacy still exists to this day from it’s humble beginnings – still owned by the family.  Many generations later 3 brothers with hornlike names had an idea to re-enter an industry that their forefather began.

These brothers, like many fellow West Australians, like the easy drinking variety of beer.  The Horn brothers discovered lagers.  Fermented and conditioned in cool temperatures for an extended period produces a crisp, sessionable beer that perfectly suits the dry, warm climate of our state.

What no brewery?

Brewery? Nah. We don’t have a brewery and we feel like we don’t need to right now. What we do it think of new innovative beer ideas and make it happen. Our family have been wholesaling for yonks, we are keeping with the tradition.

There are many advantages to this. The main advantage is that the “best of the best” brewers and breweries are selected for each product which ultimately leads to the best result. The recently awarded gold medal for Rock in the reduced alcohol category draught beer at the Perth Royal Show Beer Awards is a great reflection of this. Another great advantage is that as as West Australians we believe in supporting other great local companies such as Billabong Brewery and Gage Roads.